WACU Scholarship Information

The Women for ACU awards scholarships of up to $2,000 per fall and spring semester each academic year to qualified applicants. The scholarships may be renewed for a second year if the student remains in good standing with the university and maintains a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Who is eligible to apply:

  1. Men and women with sophomore or junior hours and who have already completed three semesters at ACU
  2. 3.0 GPA minimum
  3. Active on campus and in the local community
  4. Active in an Abilene-area church
  5. Financial need

Two letters of recommendation are required. These letters may be mailed to the scholarship committee at ACU Box 29133, Abilene, TX 79699, and should come from:

  1. An ACU faculty or staff member who can speak about the applicant's character and involvement on campus, and
  2. A member of an Abilene church the applicant is currently attending or local community group with which the applicant is involved. 

The letters should reference the applicant's character and involvement with the group's work. 

The application form for a WACU scholarship can be obtained from the Student Financial Aid Office, or filled out and submitted below. Application deadline is March 20, 2015.

2014 WACU Scholarship Information

WACU Scholarship Application
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Preferred Address 1:
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I understand that I must meet all criteria listed above in order to be eligible for the WACU Endowed Scholarship.

Major (Include minor if applicable)
Credit Hours Completed by May 2014
Cumulative GPA
Expected Graduation Date

Please describe your on-campus and local community involvement in detail
Please describe your involvement with a local Abilene area church.
Tell us why you are applying for the WACU Endowed Scholarship.
I understand that my application will not be considered complete without two letters of recommendation.