WACU Executive Committee

WACU is led by an executive committee comprising officers elected by the membership each fall. The officers serve a two-year term and may be re-elected for an additional term. 

The chair of the ACU Museum Board also serves on the WACU executive committee as a voting member, while a liaison from the ACU Alumni Relations Office serves as an ex officio member. The liaison advises the executive board on ACU policies and procedures and maintains the organization's relationship with ACU faculty and staff.

President – Nancy Miller
Secretary – Kathy George
Treasurer – Lynn Fitzgerald
Parliamentarian – Susan Perry
Vice President of Fundraising – Hazel Fillmon
Vice President of Programs – Marisue Meyer
Vice President of Publicity – Roberta Bender
Vice President of Scholarships – Donna Garrett
ACU Museum Board Chair – Marianna Rasco
ACU Alumni Relations Liaison – Aubree Selinger