Women for ACU is an organization of women who have a passion for ACU. Some are alumnae, some are parents or spouses of ACU students and graduates, some are ACU employees and some just love Christian higher education.

Members live all over the world; those from Abilene help the university by serving at events; supporting students, faculty and staff; and maintaining the ACU Museum. At-large members provide valuable support through paying dues and hosting fundraising events, helping fund both the WACU organization and the WACU Endowed Scholarship, as well as annual projects WACU helps support; at-large members also provide valuable recruiting support for prospective ACU students.

The organization is led by an executive committee elected each fall and assisted by a liaison from the ACU Alumni Relations Office. This group provides leadership and direction for WACU and helps it meet its objective of supporting ACU's mission to "educate students for Christian service and leadership around the world."

To become a member of WACU, email wacu@acu.edu. If you would prefer, you can also join WACU or renew your membership online.