Legacy Program

ACU's legacy program was created to keep alumni and their children connected to Abilene Christian. The idea is for children of alumni to keep ACU in mind as they plan for future education. We want to connect during significant milestones in their lives, such as the beginning of formal education and learning to drive.

To sign up for the Legacy program, update your child's info through our online form.

Wildcat BabyWear

The initial phase of the legacy program, Wildcat BabyWear has been wildly popular with alumni parents, who receive a free "Born to be a Wildcat" T shirt for each newborn or adopted infant when they send in the EXperiences card from ACU Today or complete the EXperiences online form. Parents can then submit photos of their T-shirt-clad tots for possible publication in ACU Today.


Phase two of the legacy program is a purple, kid-sized backpack for 5-year-old children of alumni. We send a free CatPack to every 5-year old in our database. Again, the bottom line is for youngsters to start thinking about attending ACU when the time comes.


The newest phase of the legacy program is an ACU pillowcase for 11-year-old children of alums. This is the age where kids start to attend summer camp and really get into overnight sleepovers, so we thought a pillowcase would be ideal for both boys and girls.


The final phase of the program is a special keychain for 16-year-olds. The ACU logo is engraved on the front of the keychain and the back refers to Proverbs 3:5-6. The keychain helps mark passage into a more independent phase of life and a time when high school students begin to seriously consider where they'll attend college. From here on, they will also begin to receive more information from ACU about academics, scholarships and campus life so they can make an informed decision about college.

ACU's legacy program provides cool stuff for kids, but it's much more than that. We think it's important to the future of the university to have a significant number of students in each class who can convey the stories and traditions of Abilene Christian to other students. It's great that hundreds of students discover ACU for the first time each year, but it's through our alumni children that the heritage of the university passes from generation to generation.

As an alum, we hope you're proud of your ACU education and want your kids to experience the same blessings. It's part of your history, and we hope it will be part of their future as they consider where they'll attend college. ACU is their legacy.

Make sure we know about your kids. If you're not sure we have your child's information, please complete the online form.