Serving you, advancing ACU

ACU is so very blessed to have alumni who are active and faithful within their communities and the ACU community. Here are some stories as told by fellow alumni.

Wildcats Serving projects help alumni, students, parents make a difference – together

On a cool spring Saturday in downtown Dallas, two young girls stood with their parents and handed out hot dogs and potato chips to the homeless.

Class of 1992 inspired by its Spring Break Campaign days to reunite, volunteer in Haiti

Pressed between pages of the Bible Ty Maddox (’92) has had since college is an artifact from those days: A ticket stub for a tour of the Empire State Building.

Volunteering at college fairs takes little time but can change a student’s life

To Megan (Haggerton ’10) Winkler, the interaction she and husband Jeremy Winkler (’12) had with a Fort Worth-area male high school student while volunteering at a college fair one night seemed average – pleasant, but unremarkable.