Capital Projects: Securing ACU's Future

From the student-led fund drives in the first years of Childers Classical Institute to the recent campaign that constructed the Royce and Pam Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center, ACU has depended on friends and alumni to help provide the cutting-edge facilities, programs and infrastructure that support the world-class education taking place here.

These facilities and programs not only enrich the lives of our students, they can transform the lives of those with whom our students and alumni interact. Below are some capital projects through which you can invest in the ACU student experience:

  • Vision in Action – This $75 million initiative will transform the campus in ways not seen for nearly 50 years, as three new science facilities and two new athletics stadiums revolutionize both the education and community experience of ACU. See the above video to learn more about the gifts that propelled this effort, and visit the Vision in Action website for more information.
  • CitySquare – ACU at CitySquare is the partnership begun in 2012 between the university and the nonprofit organization, formerly known as Central Dallas Ministries, whose mission is to end poverty in urban Dallas. This collaboration would provide powerfully unique learning opportunities for students in a wide array of academic disciplines while making a real difference in the lives of lower-income residents of one of the nation's largest cities. Contact Don Garrett for more information on giving to ACU at CitySquare.
  • Maker Lab – The ACU Maker Lab is a space for students, faculty and staff to invent and create in a practical, hands-on environment featuring cutting-edge – literally! – technology. This innovative program continues to expand since it opened in Brown Library in 2013.