Ensuring a strong, stable future for ACU

Providing the financial bedrock for ACU's future, the endowment is a stable source of income for hundreds of scholarships and programs that touch every student, faculty and staff member on campus.

Every year a portion of the interest generated from the endowment provides money for numerous scholarships and programs, many of them created by generous friends and alumni.

ACU's endowment is managed by an award-winning investment team, whose sole mission is to wisely steward the gifts entrusted to ACU over the years. As of Dec. 31, 2016, ACU has received $189 million in endowment gifts while disbursing $274 million in scholarships and other funding. Yet the endowment still has a value of $368 million. A donation to endowment is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

In short, the endowment allows ACU to continue offering a world-class Christian education on an annual basis while providing ACU the security of an ongoing, independent revenue source.

As gifts continue to grow the endowment, the university's financial foundation becomes even stronger — and even more students receive the benefits of your generosity.

Abilene Christian University has been blessed with a deep and sustaining heritage in endowments. Once established, there is no minimum gift required to add to a specific endowment, though it will not begin disbursing funds until it reaches a predefined threshold.

Download a PDF copy of our endowments brochure, to learn more details about ACU's endowment, or our scholarships brochure, to learn more about scholarship-specific endowments.

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